Friday, 18 July 2008

TW3 12 - 19 July

After guiding all weekend and the early part of the week I spent the remainder concentrating on getting some more general stock, taking advantage of the dark, gloomy conditions at the back of Noss. That sounds a bit crazy but its really great light (or lack of it) to bring out the detail on Gannets and the low-noise high ISO settings on the Canon 1D Mark III allows me to be very creative. There were also some opportunities to photograph marauding Bonxies, including two having one hell of a fight over a dead Gannet. I also spent a bit of time in moorland photographing Bog Cotton but had more success with some really great Whimbrels.

Killer Whales managed to evade me on two occasions but one of our Shetland Wildlife groups scored with a pod on Yell and had some great views. On the subject of cetaceans, it was great to see the proofs of the new Whales and Dolphins of the European Atlantic which features a lot of my work. On the same theme, our Company of Whales holidays started back-to-back voyages across Biscay and we are now out there running four day trips until mid September.

Also in the week I put a hide up at a site where I have had some pretty good success with Otters in the last few months. It seems as though every time I enter a hide, the action starts right away - not that I'm not grateful! Within 5 minutes of waiting I had this Otter swim very close to me. So close, my 500mm f4 became redundant and I wished I'd used my 300mm f2.8. Well, you just don't expect those sorts of things to happen with Otters do you! So, a few shots from the week...