Sunday, 10 August 2008

TW3: 2 - 9 August

A week with the family exploring the pristine fjords of Norway so very little birding done but I did manage to see lots of Nutcrackers, a couple of White-backed Woodpeckers and I also got some very pleasing Brown Trout images. A great, chilled out week with wonderful scenery, wonderful hotels and wonderfully high prices. Meanwhile back at home, I missed a Shetland tick in the form of an Aquatic Warbler and nearly had a heart attack when I received a text about a Pallid Swift at Sumburgh. Thank God it was just a Common Swift that was misidentified. The impostor was still present with another Common Swift on my return and I'm glad that everything I said about this bird on seeing the photographs rang true of how it looked in the field - like a Common Swift. I'm not being egotistical here - but what was all the fuss about? Pallids are tough - very tough - and this species pair have me scratching my head an awful lot when I'm overseas. But this bird was just a Common Swift - and never looked like anything else! A nice Melodious Warbler was also at the Head and gave some great views. As for the millions of Two-barred Crossbills that have invaded us, I managed to see a couple of juveniles but hopefully the 'flock' hasn't left us just yet.

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