Wednesday, 17 September 2008

More Waders!

Wednesday morning provided the first real sunny day for a while so it was up and out early with good prospects to do dome more waders in the south Mainland. I spent five hours in the hide and shot 24 gigs of images! Several Little Stints took up most of my time and the light was just right for some reflections - just that - reflections! I'd never really experimented with just shooting reflections in such good light and actually found it quite tricky to get the correct exposure without having any fine detail to spot meter off. In fact, it was so tricky I just gave up! Once again, the 1D Mark III and 500 f4 combo delivered incredible results for birds in flight as the Dunlin and Knot images below hopefully prove. All were shot hand-held at ISOs ranging from 600 - 800. Incredible! You certainly can with a Canon...

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