Monday, 15 December 2008

Ivory Gull

A juvenile Ivory Gull was discovered on Fetlar yesterday, but due to the lack of ferries - and the lack of available daylight hours - we had to wait until today to reach the island. We enjoyed excellent views of this high Arctic waif as it rested in a marsh, where it allowed very close approach. Later in the morning, it flew out of its monotone setting and returned to its favoured "baited" coastal spot for just a couple of minutes, allowing a quick burst of images to be taken before returning to the greens and browns of the marsh. Thank God for fill-flash...

Above: Lee Mott & myself photographing the Ivory Gull. Photo: Russ Haywood.

Below: how the photo was featured in Bird Watching magazine Feb 2009


Eagleseagles said...

Hi Hugh I have been waiting with bated breath to see your images....I knew you would be on your way when you could!

Great shots -I gather not the easiest conditions to work in.


RS said...

Great pictures once again Hugh.

Anonymous said...

Hi H,
Excellant images (as always) of a bird I'd love to see. Send it down to Lancashire, or keep it in a box for next September.
All the best for Christmas to you,Michelle and Cerys.
Gary,Hazel,Ellie and bump.

Monty the Valley Boy said...

Great pictures Mr H. Without flash you'd be getting 3 hours at f8 at this time of year eh!


hughharrop said...

Not quite that bad mate but not far off it at times!

Fishmonger Fred said...

I have read the finders article in Birding World. The chances of finding an Ivory Gull, let alone bating one with all those dead seals up there are a million to one! So what was the guy really bating?