Saturday, 6 December 2008


Saturday dawned flat calm and sunny so it was a good opportunity for some reflection shots. I tried to make use of the vibrant colours of boats and harbour buildings to create some interesting patterns on the water with these Long-tailed Ducks and a juvenile Glaucous Gull.


Mike Watson said...

Hi Hugh

Some amazing show-stopping photos here but is there any chance you could at least post some without the horrible copyright symbol? I doubt there would be many people secretly printing your photos for financial gain and let's face it, these kind of folk are unlikely to pay for them anyway. I think there is more to be gained by posting non-defaced shots than there is to be lost and I guess you always keep your best ones back for magazines and books anyway. Come on, how about a few unadulterated photos?

BR Mike

hughharrop said...

Imagine leaving the keys in your car in a high-crime spot. Chances are it will get nicked! The same can be said of putting an image of the web without some form of statement.

You raise a fair point Mike and its something that I and a lot of other photographers are frequntly asked about. I would love to publish work without the dreaded 'c' splayed through the image and its done not to prevent people from printing the images but more to discourage people using them on web sites without our permission - something which is rife and used to happen frequently until we started using the ghosted 'c'. It still happens from time to time even now and even with the 'c'.

Garf said...

Fair point Hugh. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Your Long-tailed Duck images along with most of your other shots presented here are absolutely superb. No wonder you want to protect them!

Mike Watson said...

Thanks for the reply Hugh.
I am intrigued to hear that there is a significant number of infringers out there. Still think you would gain more in terms of good publicity/number of hits than you would lose in lost income (which you might never see anyway as I cannot imagine these people would pay for your images no matter how good they are?).
I never leave my car unlocked but it is also possible that some of your photos might be worth more than my car;)
Love the photos but would like them more without the big C
BR Mike

hughharrop said...


There is an interesting discussion about this issue on the Canon forum at