Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Harriers by Don Scott

I'm delighted to be a contributing photographer to this new book by Don Scott.

NHBS write:

Until recently harriers were one of the least known group of birds but after an in-depth study of the Hen Harrier in Northern Ireland, Don Scott succeeded in his passion to observe and study all 16 of the World's species as well as the single subspecies of harrier. This quest which began over 20 years ago in Don's home country has taken him to six continents. His sometimes dangerous journeys encompassed many exotic locations where harriers had previously received little general interest or scientific attention. The author's dogged persistence in the field enabled him to witness traits of behaviour previously unknown in harriers. It began with the unique discovery of tree-nesting Hen Harriers and culminated with the Papuan Harrier in Papua New Guinea.

This book will be irresistible to birders and biologists alike. It not only highlights the sheer majesty of harriers but helps focus our attention to their individual plights which if left unrecognized will result in an uncertain future for many of the species which make up this group of birds. The stunning photographs which grace this book have been generously provided to the author by his friends and travelling companions many of whom are themselves well-known international raptor experts. These pictures, together with Philip Snow's watercolours, should not be missed.

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