Sunday, 11 January 2009

High ISOs and soft flash

A wild weekend of weather meant very few opportunities for serious photography so I spent a few hours in the harbour experimenting with some high (up to 3200) ISOs combined with soft fill flash. I quite like the results.


Monty said...

Some lovely arty shots Hugh, especially the Fulmar Petrel

Matti said...

You can with a Canon!

Anonymous said...

Were you using a soft box on the flash for these?

hughharrop said...

Hello Anonymous

Sort of - I cover the fresnel with a very soft cotton strip of handkerchief held in place with velcro - seems to work fine and a lot easier to carry around!


Si said...

Have you tried the 5D mark II yet?

hughharrop said...

Hello Si

No but I hear some great things about it in an e mail from Jari Peltomaki. It seems as though its owners are raving about it.