Thursday, 19 March 2009

Killers & Steller's

Our morning boat trip to Hornoya Island had us heading out to look for the huge King Eider flocks but things soon changed when a pod of 6 - 8 Killer Whales appeared alongside us! We had incredible views of the animals which included one tiny calf estimated to be just 4 - 5 feet long. The rest of the day was predominantly spent concentrating on getting some nice portraits of Steller's Eiders.


Eagleseagles said...

Orca's and Stella's in one boat trip- lovely.

Both would be lifers for me.

I particularly like the close in shots of the Stella's.

I got a record hand held digishot of a Garganey at Barnes today - sluming it in comparison!


Alan Tilmouth said...

That first Steller's shot on calm reflective water is becoming a bit of a HH trademark,mind-numbingly incredible as per usual.