Saturday, 15 August 2009

Back home & Humpback from the garden!

We arrived back home in Shetland this morning after a great few days based on the west coast of mainland Scotland. Lots of wildlife and lots of great ideas thrashed out for the future...

Nice to see a non-wing-tagged White-tailed Eagle...

With a weather window of calm weather, I got straight back to work this afternoon and recorded a few more waders:




On both legs of the ferry journey to and from Aberdeen, I failed to see a single cetacean. That disappointment was soon put to one side when a HUMPBACK WHALE appeared in the bay right in front of our house during the evening! We had amazing views of this 40 - 45ft animal several times from the garden as it lunged through the water and went into long dives. By the time I had grabbed my cameras and got set up on the cliffs, the animal was well to the north and was surfacing very infrequently (every 20 minutes or so). An amazing sight, and it takes pride of place on the garden sea mammal list - with Killer Whale, Minke Whale and Harbour Porpoise as runners up!

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