Saturday, 22 August 2009

Wader Fest & Risso's Dolphins

Two great days of wader photography meant that I finally got the remaining images for the Dunlin and Sanderling plates finished. Two very variable species that certainly required a lot of time (over a year!) to do justice. I also wanted to try and capture the Sanderlings 'airborne' in their typical hurried running pose. Freezing them was not easy and required a shutter speeds in excess of 1/4000 sec. Making use of bright ambient 'slave' light like white sand helped enormously, as did the high ISO capabilities of the 1D Mark III. Its hard to think how I could have managed this ten years ago!

Having waders so close also gave some good opportunities for sound recording - one I was happy to get was a Wood Sandpiper at Boddam - which proved impossible to stalk for photographs as it kept company with restless Redshanks.

Wood Sandpiper





One week on from the Humpback saw me adding another cetacean species to the garden and patch list - a pod of Risso's Dolphins were in the bay in front of the house for an hour in the evening.

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