Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Red-flanked Bluetail

Three words that send shivers down your spine. Mark Chapman found this superb 1st W Red-flanked Bluetail at Sandgarth yesterday afternoon. I arrived just after dawn in heavy rain and after an hour of searching to no avail, I was thinking of packing in - but it duly appeared. The bird proved to be extremely retiring and was certainly not behaving like the last few of Bluetails I'd seen in Shetland (this individual is now the 6th I've seen in Shetland).

Four hours later and soaked to the skin, I managed some very pleasing images considering the poor light and the paucity of opportunities! Sadly, the owners of the croft and the plantations, Tony & Beth Gerrard, are away on holiday so hopefully it will stay for their return. Imagine how you would feel if somebody found a Bluetail in your garden while you were on holiday. It doesn't bear thinking about!


Chris said...

Well I will say that your patience has been rewarded because these shots are more than decent! They are splendid!

Hugh Harrop said...

Cheers Chris!