Sunday, 4 October 2009

Veery Images

Just back from Whalsay so a quick update - the Veery put on a superb performance for the five of us and offered stunning photo opportunities. Special thanks to Magnus Reid and family for allowing us access in to the garden and as the ferry was passenger-only today, thanks to Jon Dunn for ferrying the new Shetland Wildlife group to and from the Pechora up at Skaw!


swopticsphoto said...

Well envious mate...cracking images though. Our turn will come in the next fortnight!

atgrims said...

Great shot on Whalsay.
Mega bird! Next time ought to be at Utsira.

Hugh Harrop said...

Cheers Guys - given the westerlies we've had all autumn, I'm amazed it didn't turn up on Utsira!