Wednesday, 25 November 2009

More Beans & a White-front

Finally got some 'keepers' of the Tundra Bean Goose at Rerwick.

This Eurasian White-front was in with the Greylags at Spiggie. Believe me, the light was shocking - you almost have to set your ISO to match your mega pixels some days in Shetland!


Bob Bushell said...

Hi Hugh, you have caught the White-fronted and Tundra Bean Geese in a beautiful position.

Hugh Harrop said...

Thanks Bob!


Chris said...

Hi Hugh,
We can see the white-fronted over here in spring summer but never the tundra been! This is probably one of the rare we do not see over here... Maybe one day..
Beautiful shots you got there. Congrats!

Hugh Harrop said...

Thanks Chris. Its apparent that some of the previously accepted records of Taiga Bean Goose in Shetland are in fact Tundras (a review is currently underway). Taiga would now seem the rarer of the two here so its worth digging out the pix of birds that have occurred in Iceland previously and having a good look at them.



Eagleseagles said...

Now those photos of the two birds - a very educational tool for id purposes!

Hugh Harrop said...

You may one day see these pix in something more permanent - watch this space!!!