Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December Wallpaper

... is a drake Steller's Eider roosting at Vardo, Norway March 2009 photographed on our annual winter trip to Finland and Norway

To set the picture as your computer's desktop wallpaper background, double click on the image below to open it in full size then right-click the mouse while it's over the picture. Select the 'Set as Background' menu option, or the 'Set as Wallpaper' option, depending on your browser type.


Eagleseagles said...

Until I see one - it cant be my wallpaper!

As it is I have a very charming Veery as my wallpaper at the moment!
I believe a certain HH took the pic!

I have decided that the Veery has really grown on me since I left Shetland.

Hugh Harrop said...

Veery - Shetland bird of the year for me!

Chris said...

Wow Hugh,
this is a beautiful shot of a bird I've never seen.. And this is surely one of these that birders should see. We have very few of them sometime loosing their way to Iceland, but I never managed to see it. Thanks for sharing!