Sunday, 30 May 2010

Icterine Warbler

This Icterine Warbler took up residence in a tiny patch of Rhubarb at Quendale this weekend. The bird would often burst in to brief bursts of song and as well as getting some nice images I also managed a series of composite recordings. Thanks to Pete and Andy for the news and to the owner of Quendale Farm, Martin Burgess, for allowing me to position my vehicle and use as a makeshift hide!

Icterine Warbler - composite of four recordings


Dale Forbes said...

they're normally quite jittery - you must have had a hard time getting these photos, but they turned out very very nicely indeed.

Happy birding

Hugh Harrop said...

Quite the opposite! The bird would catch the insects and then come out on to the walls to eat them - with no trees or dense cover to speak of it has been showing really well and many people managed to get soem nice shots.