Sunday, 27 June 2010

More Focus on Shetland 2010 Images

I've just finished guiding three weeks of back-to-back Focus on Shetland photography trips. We tried to concentrate primarily on getting behaviour and birds-in-habitat images and a very small selection of my own work is presented below. Getting up at 4am - or going to bed at 4am some mornings - might not be every photographers cup of tea but to get the best images in the best light, it certainly pays dividend! Looking back, we pretty much had great weather throughout and the dawn starts at Noss seabird colonies were awesome. All three Storm Petrel photography trips went really well and everybody manged some great keepers. For making all three trips so enjoyable thanks to our guests Maurice, Pam, Steve & Niall, Derek, John & Lesley, Paul & Sue, Michelle & Alan, Pam & Charles, Renaud, Michael, Ken, Margaret & John & Norman & Margaret. In 2011 we will run three further Focus on Shetland holidays. Click here for details:


Matt Latham said...

superb photography Hugh

Eagleseagles said...

A tap dancing tystie - thats a first!
Some lovely images Hugh.
Thats the Stormie I have as my background at the moment - fab shot!

Very unusual shot of the semi submerged Gannet.
Some lovely images.
As to Ultimate Shetland -
I actually managed a couple of great Puffin shots in the week -and some other birds plus some good video footage of a Bonxie at sea.
Once again a good week lead by a guide who goes that 2nd or 3rd mile
to ensure all have a good experience.
Never expected to enjoy plants as much!
cheers - see you in September!

Hugh Harrop said...

Thanks for your kind comments folks and thanks Corinna for joining Shetland's No.1 Wildlife Operator once again - see you in September!!

Daniele Caccia said...

scatti straordinari...! Hugh complimenti !!!

Barty said...


Fabulous shots as usual - gonna have to visit the Shetlands one day !

love the submerged Gannet !


Mary Howell Cromer said...

Wow Hugh, you have outdone yourself once again...those gaping open mouths, the tiny feather in the bill, the colours are outstanding, they are whimsical, and striking images of a lovely selection of beautiful birds. That second one from the top with the red mouth and throat, woah... Have a wonderful week taking images, no doubt you shall~

Mike Watson said...

Some truly amazing photos Hugh (despite the horrible copyright sign;)! Stunning! Br, Mike

Hugh Harrop said...

Yes, copyright ghosted sign...hmmm, it isn't going to go away though. Two cases this month alone of web theft and thats before the Digital Bill gets discussed. Keeps our lawyers busy though and we double up ;-)

swopticsphoto said...

Stunning images there Hugh. I must try and get up to Shetland again. Re the web theft, do you mean from your site or on the web generally? Cheers. Steve.

Hugh Harrop said...

Two images used without our permission from a third party site we provide images for. Be good to see you up here again Steve - I last remember seeing you on Fair Isle in 1991 and Biscay a few years back.