Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Guest Blogger - Davide D'Acunto

We were delighted to welcome Italian photographer Davide D'Acunto back to Shetland in late June. With his superb image of Golden Plover in a rain storm, Davide won first prize in the 2009 Shetland Wildlife photo-competition run by Visit Scotland, with a 3-day Shetland Experience trip courtesy of Shetland Wildlife being the top prize! We asked Davide to sum up his trip to Shetland: "There are few places in Europe where you can feel very small compared to the immensity of nature, where you can become part of a colony of gannets or puffins, where you come across an otter hunting or remain paralysed by the power of the ocean and the wind. All these things can be found on Shetland, where you can afford to leave your life behind and become part of a magnificent dream. If you love nature and the wildlife that populates these places, then Shetland is ideal. Everything becomes perfect when you have the passion of photography. Shetland is a place where once you arrive, you no longer want to leave; too many photos to take, endless shots to create. Being accompanied by my new friends and outstanding guides at Shetland Wildlife meant that I had the fortune of being able to discover the hidden corners and secrets of these islands which made my experience even more special. The emotions that I have since visiting Shetland will never cease to live inside me!".


marianne said...

It was a joy and a privilege to share your holiday. When fog descended, and wild life kept its head down below "see-level", this gentleman,[so modest - that only when Hugh turned up to take his photograph did we know he had won the prize holiday] his manners,generosity and warm heart helped [by humour and such a captivating smile] to fill the possible void of disappointment that any one of us might have felt. We have been blessed to have trodden Shetland's "five-foaled path" to Enlightenment in such company. Any mother would be proud to have such a son. Such a credit to his Mama! Next time you speak to her, David, ... please tell her "Marianne says I must thankyou for having me". Bless you, with best regards, always,

Saskia said...

Yes, I agree with Marianne that it was a privilige to share our holiday with such a modest and nice person like Davide. He was always helpful and positive during our time on the wonderful islands that make up Shetland. Thanks!