Friday, 16 July 2010

Red-throated Divers: Rain Geese

We are extremely lucky to have a loch just a couple of hundred metres along the road from our house that is visited by several 'transient' Red-throated Divers every day. It's very special to be in the garden and watch the birds flying over, calling as they to and fro. This year alone I've counted as many as seven birds present at any one time. The relatively dull light and plentiful rain this week (very apt considering the Shetland name for Red-throated Diver is the 'Rain Goose') meant that the water level rose dramatically and thus offered potential for some good portrait and semi-reflection shots at low levels. The topography of the loch (which sits in a north-south valley and is surrounded by two high east-west ridges) means that full, symmetrical reflection shots are always going to be pretty much impossible. It's a big loch - and the range of the birds meant I had to use the Canon 800mm f5.6 with a 1.4x converter to get a decent image sizes.

Oh for a rowing boat or a floating pontoon like the Finns use...

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Nat Hall said...

Lovely work, Hugh :-)
They're everywhere this year. such a magic sight.