Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Autumn Arrives: Greenish Warbler

A really early start for us this morning in order to get clean sound recordings of this Greenish Warbler at the Sumburgh Hotel gardens. The bird called frequently and amazingly, burst in to full song on several occasions - something I was not expecting! This individual was pretty elusive but a few hours in the afternoon provided some nice opportunities, albeit in very harsh light.

Greenish Warbler Call:

Greenish Warbler Song 1

Greenish Warbler Call & Song burst

Greenish Warbler Song 2

This interesting shot below shows the position of the 2nd primary which typically falls between p7 and p8 on Greenish Warbler. Arctic Warbler generally has p2 falling between p5 or p6:


Dominic Gendron said...

Very nice warbler, great serie of images ;)

Amila Kanchana said...

Truly amazing crispy photos! The sound tracks are great too,it was a very good idea to embed them.

Quantum Tiger said...

Lovely shots. Full of character. Particularly love the final pose.