Monday, 2 August 2010

Basking Shark

This huge Basking Shark, estimated to be between 20 - 25 ft in length got our week off to a great start! We watched it for a couple of hours early this morning as it fed in the waters between St Ninian's Isle and Maywick. Basking Sharks are still fairly scarce critters here in Shetland. The dorsal and caudal fins both had some distinctive scars and notches so we'll send the images off to the Basking Shark Project photo-ID library.

Basking Shark: St Ninian's, Shetland from Hugh Harrop on Vimeo.

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Auld Rasmie said...

Nice to see they're still around.
Brigdie's (Basking Sharks) were common around Shetland when I was a kid, especially around Colsay.
4 years ago, off Sumburgh Head with the boat, 2 of them passed within a few metres, one on either side. Fascinating, although maybe a little scary in a 14ft boat. :)