Friday, 15 October 2010

Red-flanked Bluetail

News of yet another Red-flanked Bluetail saw us heading north to Kergord Plantations this morning. I have been lucky enough to see over a dozen Bluetails in Shetland in the last twenty years and have photographed many of them. This bird however ranks as my personal favourite for many reasons. Firstly the setting - a mature plantation with lots of natural perches and 'dappled' forest light. Secondly, the behaviour - the bird would feed incredibly actively just a few metres in front of us and was also heard to call (sadly I'd left my recording gear in the van). And finally, the crowd' of admirers numbered no more than eight people at any one time. Shetland birding at its very best I'd say. It made the celebratory coffee with Brian at Weisdale Mill taste even better!