Monday, 10 January 2011

Mousa Storm Petrels helping the plight of South Georgia Seabirds!

We are delighted to be providing our sound recordings of Mousa Storm Petrels to Professor Tony Martin, who will use them to bring the plight of South Georgia seabirds to the ears of people as part of his lectures.

Mousa Storm Petrel 'singing'

Remote and beautiful, the island of South Georgia in the Southern Atlantic was once the crucible of global whaling. Less recognised is that the island’s seabirds were subsequently decimated by stowaway rats. In his lectures, Professor Martin describe how science and technology will remove every single introduced pest but leave the wildlife intact, allowing nature to recover and South Georgia again to be the World’s greatest seabird sanctuary.

Professor Martin said:

"It's difficult to get across to a lay audience the concept that (a) rats are appalling predators of native birds on islands, and (b) why it matters. For me, the most poignant evidence of what's going on is to go out at night on the mainland of South Georgia and just listen. On a still night there is something approaching silence. But go out on one of the small satellite (rat-free) islands, and your senses are overwhelmed by the cacophony, smells and sight of myriad birds zipping about, silhouetted against the sky. I can't bring the smell into the lecture hall, but I can bring a sense of the noise, and that's where your Storm Petrel recordings will come in. I want to give them something shocking to remember, and the unexpected sound of petrels and shearwaters around your head and under your feet will do the trick".

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Pete Woodruff said...


A brilliant post, with some brilliant news about the Mousa Storm Petrels, and a brilliant recording which could bring a tear to your eye if your as 'soft' as me.

Thanks for this Hugh.

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