Saturday, 12 February 2011

Iceland Gulls?

A bit of 'normality' was restored yesterday with a couple of Iceland Gulls offering some great photographic opportunities. 'White-winged' gulls have been very scarce in Shetland this winter. The third-winter bird certainly showed a few pro Kumlien's-type features.

All images above taken with a 1D Mark IV and a 400mm f4 DO.

Look away now if gulls don't interest you! The publication of these images and my mention of the subtle pro-Kumlien's features have opened up some worthy discussion on the variability of glaucoides vs kumlieni so here are a few more images showing the exact detail of the upperwing (particularly p9 and p10) of this bird:

I've seen a few individuals of what I have presumed to be kumlieni in NE Canada showing patterns akin to the bird above and just to show British birders just how poorly marked kumlieni can be, even in adult plumage, here is a bird Harri and I found in Varanger in March 2009. Imagine how this bird may of looked in 3rd winter pluamge...