Thursday, 17 February 2011

Otters @ 60 mph!

An IPT on Tuesday was hard work to say the least - photographing in winds gusting at nearly 60mph and getting blasted by the incredible salt spray, we questioned our sanity by the minute! But it was worth it as the day offered some dramatic opportunities for seascapes, birds 'n' backdrops and this feeding Otter...


Marc Heath said...

Lovely shots, would love to see a wild Otter.

Pat Ulrich said...

Awesome shots of the otters, they are so much fun to see. It always looks like they are having a good time. And really dramatic shots of the coast. Kudos to you for enduring those winds to make your images!

Anonymous said...


Have to love this photos!
The last ones are outstanding! Lovely light and landscape!

Nice Otter picture aswell!

Regards from Leiv Arne